About Logidots

Logidots was started with a mission to connect companies / individuals with an idea to a right tech team who can turn the idea into an awesome application.
70% of outsourced software projects fail. The main reason is because of choosing incompetent agencies or freelancers. Logidots solves this problem by connecting you with the right team, who has worked on a similar project before, or has all the specific experitse needed to complete your software project. We heavily depend on previously collected data and human matching skills to connect you with the right tech team.
We started in 2018, and since then we have worked for 40+ startups and enterprises from all over the world including reputed clients like WHO. We're the team behind Engagespot, one of the leading push notification platforms that handles 400M notifications monthly.


Our vetted teams are located in India. We plan to expand our team network to other regions in the coming months.
We have both remote freelancers and dedicated resources working as our team members. We have partnerships with other agencies whose developers also work with us as part of our teams.
We have very high bar on recruiting app developers and also, with our in-house training, we ensure all teams on Logidots meets our minimum quality level.


It depends on the nature of app and the complexity of it's features. We're building an engine that can predict the cost based on selected features by analysing historical data of software projects. Typically, an android app similar to Uber Eats will cost around $15000.
All contracts, agreements and payment terms shall be between you and Logidots. You can discuss your project with your engagement manager / project manager and leave everything else to Logidots.
We understand that concern. Custom Software development is still, a very risky and complicated process as it solves several people, communication tools, processes etc. Our goal is to make all our customers happy by delivering software like they wanted. If something goes wrong, we will try our best to solve it in a way that it's favorable for everyone.
Yes, our payment terms require you to pay 30% of the quoted cost in advance.
Swift Transfer and Paypal.

IP & Support

You! At the end of every project, the source is transferred to your own repositories and we won't touch it unless you buy a "Care" plan for maintainence. However, we may use some internal libraries to speed up the development process. In that case, the ownership of the libraries shall be with Logidots or it's respective owners. That will be communicated to you during the development time.
After your project development is complete, we will transfer the code to you. And we offer 30 day warranty that includes free bug fixes.
You can purchase Logidots "Care" plan where the team will provider support and maintenance for your app.