Never start from scratch

More than half of your app is already built.

Logidots Platform evolved as a solution to a number of problem that we faced while building custom applications. Currently in stealth mode but powering many of the applications built at Logidots, the platform is all set to grow into a powerful low-code application builder.

From re-usable components to business logic and third-party integrations, we’re simplifying how custom software is made, one step at a time.

Features to Build 2X Faster.

Building Blocks

Almost all applications share at least 50% of the components in common. Those include RBAC, Entities and CRUD Operations, Forms, E-commerce, Workflows and so on. The platform makes it easy to glue them and release your application 2X faster.

No Limits

One of the problems with low-code platforms is that it confines you within the scope of what the platform supports. But with Logidots Platform, you can build any custom application as if you’re building it from scratch.

Deploy to Cloud

We use the powerful AWS infrastructure to host your applications and ensure they never go down. We combine Amazon S3, EC2, RDS and several other services to provide the best cloud usage experience for your customers.

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