Metaverse is the hottest topic in the tech industry. Facebook rebranding itself as “Meta”, and the huge amount of funds flowing into Metaverse startups is a good sign that it’s the next paradigm shift. I had mentioned how AR, VR, and Mixed Reality will completely transform the world and how we interact with technology in this article 4 years ago! 😉 

Metaverse is a digital universe. It’s a digital extension of our universe. As we know the universe is so huge that we cannot even think about how large it is. The Metaverse space can be infinite!

Well, I’m not diving deep into the concepts of Metaverse, but let’s discuss how Metaverse will transform e-learning and the ed-tech landscape.

Virtually Time Travel

Learning history is boring, at least to most of the students. Why? It’s all about learning and trying to understand what happened in the past, just through a textbook. With Metaverse, we could simulate the world from 65 Million Years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the planet. And all of us, the students and teachers can go for a virtual study tour to that old world and walk around the entire planet to see and understand the creatures that lived on earth at that time. It’s so better than learning by reading a textbook.

Classrooms in the Metaverse

Imagine traveling to a top university University (which is 1000s of kilometers away) to attend a 1-hour session along with students from across the globe? Metaverse allows you to enter a simulated classroom that is not in this universe, but in the Metaverse. Students from every corner of the world can simply join this classroom in Metaverse, and interact with the teacher and other students as if they’re in a real-world classroom. No, it will not be the same as attending a Zoom Meeting. The level of immersion will make our brain think as if we’re really inside a classroom.

Companies like Microsoft are already working on this.

Better Learning with Simulated Metaverse(s)

Multiple metaverses can co-exist. There can be mini metaverses created by educational organizations or companies where students and teachers can virtually teleport for a short learning session. For example, if you’re learning about Ocean, let’s dive into a Metaverse where we can be inside a submarine and navigate to the depths of Mariana Trench! How amazing that will be. With technology being advanced, we’ll be able to experience the real immersive feeling of being inside a submarine, and the creepy unknown secrets of ocean depth as we dive deeper and deeper.

Metaverse can be even more beautiful than our Universe


Metaverse is inevitable. It must come, and it will come. Every interaction we have in this universe will have infinite possibilities in the Metaverse, and education is not an exception. Metaverse will transform the way we understand the world and gain knowledge. It will simplify the cost of education and also give access to effective learning for the underprivileged.

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