As part of the digital transformation project, the customer wanted to build a user-friendly mobile application to help their customer understand the new energy regulations by the Government, and upgrade their current products to comply with the new laws.

The in-house IT workforce of the customer was not well trained on mobility and cloud-based development and hence they chose Logidots to augment their digital workforce to build a customer-facing mobile application.

They wanted the mobile app to work offline, requiring minimal technical knowledge to use and help their customers easily find the information they require.

The Process.

A product expert from Logidots analyzed their requirements and understood the scope of digitization to build a world-class mobile application. Logidots built a custom native mobile application for Android and iOS platforms that included features to quickly browse through ten thousand of their hardware models, perform a comparison of their legacy and regulation-compliant new models, and some utility tools to help customers determine the capacity of the equipment.

Results that exceeded expectations.

  • Launched the mobile application on time, as per their Digital Transformation roadmap.
  • Helped their sales team to reduce their effort in explaining the product features
  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Gained competitive advantage

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