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Our client was an early-stage Ed-tech startup team who is on a mission to transform how kids learn the English language. They wanted to build an e-learning app with lots of interactive exercises and video content.


Being an early-stage non-technical founding team with a vision to transform the e-learning industry, they wanted a tech partner. A partner who shares the same vision, and with the right team to support in product development.

Along with the challenge of finding an experienced e-learning app development company, the budget was another constraint too.

The app requirement was not straightforward. Because it needed some technologically complex features such as Gamification, and a user interface and experience appealing to students. Also they wanted to build a pronunciation check module that evaluates the quality of English pronunciation.


Customer approached Logidots with their problem statement. And we scheduled multiple free consultation sessions with the customer to understand their pain points and identify solutions. We figured out some proprietary third party APIs to build pronunciation quality check modules, and came up with a UI/UX design that was appealing to young primary class students.

After compelting the consultation and design phase, the mockups were sent for customer’s approval. After design approval, we kickstarted the development phase in Agile SCRUM methodology.

We divided the entire app development project into small milestones called Sprints. Everyday, we conducted a short stand-up meeting with the team to ensure everything was on track. At the end of the sprint, a demo session was scheduled for all the stakeholders.


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