Digitizing an internal workflow process of a leading financial services company.

The customer is a leading financial service company with over 20,000 employees working from several offices across the globe. They have a complicated document shipment process that involves several mail-rooms, mail handling hubs, cross-country logistics shipment partners, and routing logic that was completely manual.


The existing challenges were –

1. There is no visibility and track of a courier once it’s dispatched by an employee.

2. The manual process of sorting and routing mails in mail-rooms and hubs was limiting the speed and prone to errors.

3. Cross-country shipments had to be manually booked by agents which involved a lot of work.

We built a complete workflow solution to digitize every step in the customer’s mail handling process. The system included a web application that gives access to multiple stakeholders and each step in the mail handling process.

A unique solution that enhanced transparency and traceability.

We introduced a unique identifier barcode for individual mail items sent by employees, and when it reaches the collection hub, it would be grouped together based on their target destination. A new unique identifier is then generated which would act as the unique identifier for the grouped items in the next step of the workflow. However, the originating point (employee) would still be able to track his item using the individual unique identifier he has. Our system efficiently handles the grouping and tracking of mail items in each step of the workflow and thus it never goes untracked.

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