Turning a startup’s idea into an MVP to test the target market quickly with a limited budget.

The middle east based startup approached Logidots to build an MVP for their on-demand home service marketplace platform with a limited budget, and fast delivery. They wanted their users to find and book home service professionals for various purposes from plumbing to interior design.

Their objective was to release an MVP at the earliest, to start testing their target market, and raise funding. Hence the customer was impressed by Logidots’ rapid prototyping framework and thus engaged us for their idea to MVP conversion.

The Process.

A product expert from Logidots helped their team to develop their idea, and translate them into a product plan. For this, we took an iterative approach to determine features for their MVP in an economical fashion and prioritizing fast delivery.

The process involved drawing wireframes, one-to-one interactions with their stakeholders, and finally preparing a mockup of the intended MVP.

Results which exceeded expectations.

  • Launched the MVP in 3 months.
  • Implemented tools to gather feedback from early users.
  • Reduced spend on MVP by cutting down non-essential features based on real user feedback.

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