There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish 

Even in the 21st century, there are still significantly fewer women than men in managerial positions, particularly in the area of project management. Managerial careers have been a historically male-dominated career pathway. Let’s look into the proportion of women Vs men at the manager level positions. As expected, men occupy 62 %, whereas women hold just 38 %. However, women were seen as more effective than men, when they held manager positions.  

Why are women great leaders & project managers? 

Women are born managers, I’m not exaggerating. I’ll explain with relevant proofs, all women have the superpower to do multiple tasks effectively at a time, such as cooking, taking care of husband, kids & parents. This makes them capable of managing multiple works effectively at a time like handling multiple stakeholders, communicating, planning, quick decision-making, risk management, monitoring & handling conflicts. Also, women are good at making things happen through healthy relationships. 

She Knows, How To Manage Her Team. 

Women can easily deal with rapid changes & risks effectively. She is a quick decision-maker & makes changes by taking into consideration priorities, budgets, or worst-case scenarios. In each challenging situation, they turn into an opportunity. They never give excuses to saying it was unplanned.

She Can Easily Communicate

Women in such positions possess good communication skills & they can easily create rapport with team members than men. Informal and open conversations with the team benefit in addressing concerns and convincing them to do the right thing.

Game Changers  

They always try to deliver the best and pick fewer shortcuts. As per studies, women combine high-level thinking skills, imagination powers, logical & creative mindset to make them capable of innovating. Most of the time, her team innovate & explores new things under her influence.

As a woman working in a male-dominated field, I want to give some advice to women in managerial positions.

1. Pick up the right organization, where you can innovate & help you to explore more in your domain.
2. Raise your voice– Be clear & specific to your stands & raise them appropriately.
3. Don’t follow traditional ways of project management.
4. Be at the right place (Right organization) at the right time (make& work for professional goals).  

Why Logidots Is The Best Working Place For Women?

Safe Working Environment 

Logidots has a lot of policies associated with the safety of women in Logidots.

No Gender Discrimination

We always encourage talent, no matter what gender/age is. After joining Logidots, We just have one tag “Our teammate” 

Equal Pay For Equal Work 

Our policy is “Let’s grow together “

Flexible Working Hours 

We always encourage smart work instead of hard work.

Continuous Support & Guidance For Increasing Productivity

We always want to develop skills, learn new ones, and get better in their domain. And this is exactly why support and guidance are important.

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