Logidots announces a partnership with Cometchat, the Denver-based in-app communication platform that provides easy to use text chat, voice and video functionality for websites and applications. As part of this partnership, Logidots will be offering the CometChat platform to their global customers in order to help them drive growth for their various web and mobile app products.

How will it benefit Logidots’ customers?

Logidots primarily works with early-stage non-technical founders to build and scale software products across different verticals such as Ed-Tech, Marketplaces, Social Networks, E-commerce, SaaS, etc. Logidots will now use Cometchat’s real-time messaging platform to integrate customized chat and communication solutions to its customers’ products.

“One of the most important requirements from our customers is to build a one-to-one or group chat solution that works in real time, just like Facebook messenger. Our development team has to spend a lot of time and effort to build such a scalable solution from scratch. And on top of it, a lot of QA effort is required to make it work properly. By using Cometchat platform, we’ll now be able to implement scalable realtime capabilities to any web and mobile app product effortlessly” – Said Anand CEO, and co-founder, Logidots.

“The Partnerships team at CometChat strives to ensure we bring value to our partners and their clients. By joining hands, we intend to bring world-class in-app text, voice and video chat solutions to the startups that Logidots work with, at a fraction of the cost and time when compared to building it on their own. Additionally, we understand that startups don’t necessarily have technical resources and need a simple plug and play solution, that’s where our collaboration will play an important role” – Vijit Jain, Director of Partnerships, CometChat.

About Logidots

Logidots works with early-stage non technical startup founders and digital decision makers of fortune 1000 companies, to help them turn those ideas into beautiful apps. Starting from product workshops to design, development and ongoing support, Logidots helps founders in every stage of their product development journey. Products we’ve built have been selected by different startup accelerators, raised funding and won numerous awards!

About Cometchat

Trusted by over 50,000 developers worldwide, CometChat’s communication platform provides easy to use text chat, voice and video functionality for websites and apps across all industries.  Their dedicated team has obsessed over building a scalable, secure and easy to use communication platform that delivers meaningful user to user engagement for our growing customer base.  With headquarters located in Denver, Colorado, our talented team is spread out globally, united by a shared mission to fuel our customer’s growth through meaningful user to user engagement.

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