app development cost

It’s often confusing when we get quotes from different vendors that range from one extreme to another for an app development service. Is it wise to pick the lowest? What could be the reason why that software development agency quoted 5X more? Several questions pop up in our heads causing a state of dilemma.

That is why it is always better to have an understanding of the factors that add to the cost of building an app. A team of developers, designers, and testers would make an app in an agency. One or two freelancers can build the same app from their homes too. Should you be concerned about that?

Yes, several factors can help you decide which route to go. That is the topic for another article which I will cover later.

But now, let’s consider what are the common factors that adds to the cost of developing a mobile application. Some of the factors might be absent depending on whom you choose.

Read more about how an app development service price is estimated here.

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